In this pic, I'm saying "Hi!" or
"Welcome to joebiondo dot com!"
I really can't remember but any way...

Welcome to my site. Here you will find my original music, vids along with a few remakes and other projects with very talented friends.

Explore, enjoy and join in on the music, laughter and mayhem!! Don't forget to hit me up on Facebook, Twitter and the other social buttons that took me forever to figure out how to place with HTML up in the right hand corner of this site!
So click I tell you, CLICK!

Oh, by the way... You may see some pages that are not complete. Please be patient as the site is under construction.

All The Best!!

My 1st appearance on SNL!

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"When You Need Someone"
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I'll Take The Big Apple (Short)

My dance remake of Billy Joel's
pop ballad classic
"Honesty" available at iTunes

The Real Wedding Singers of New York